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Owensboro, Kentucky

About Teddy Bottoms

Teddy Bottoms was started in September of 2015. I started Teddy Bottoms after learning about all of the benefits of cloth diapering with my youngest son Teddy. I am crafty by nature and was asked to make diapers for a few friends and there started my journey to become a compliant shop. 

We are a compliant shop and registered as a small batch manufacture and meet CPSC standards,

Items are made by hand in Owensboro, Kentucky

Meet the creator

Amy Jensen

Owner and Designor

Hi I am Amy and I am the creator of Teddy Bottoms. I make diapers, dresses, snack bags, bibs, inserts, shoes, boots, pants, shorts, and much more.

I am married with three beautiful children Deven, Teddy, and Gwendolyn. They keep me busy and keep me motivated! They are the inspiration for a lot of the items that I make.

I enjoy reading(when I have a free moment), spending time at the lake, and of course SEWING :)